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Brooke Freedman, VP Sales at Chameleon with her children

One of the best things to happen for my family has been evolving to a world where we're not tethered to an office. My kids have only ever known having a mom who works in sales. They have seen so many "ends-of-the-month" that they now ask how the team is doing around the 26th 😂. When they were super young, I'd sometimes pick them up from preschool and bring them back to the office to finish things. Always rushing… always a little guilty that I wasn't doing enough in either place (work or home). But that is how we rolled. That's how a lot of people rolled.

By the time they were in grade school, they'd walk home together from after-school, do homework, have a snack, and wait for me to get back to make a usually-late dinner. But they never complained. Always cheerleaders for me. My daughter, Olivia, has listened to enough team and customer calls that she's convinced she could do my job. Bet she could.

The past three years of working 100% remotely have been such a positive for us. Breakfast together, making it to the last quarter of Jack's b-ball game because I'm not still driving home at 6:30, seeing each other's faces when they walk in after school (even if I'm on a meeting)… just being around. I'll always miss morning coffee on the sales floor with the team and the buzz of calls, but the tradeoff seems good for all of us- the work team and the home team.

As of the fall, both kids will be in high school, which is bananas. Time flies. I'm just feeling generally lucky that I get to do work I love and be present at home too.

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