Welcome to WFH Flow!
WFH flow

Having worked from home for the better part of 2 decades, you could say that I know a thing or 2 about working from home!  It hasn’t always been what I would consider flow, but it’s been an amazing journey none the less.  

After becoming laser focused on becoming a freelance content creator & online marketer I’ve developed a somewhat crowded Linktree 🤪.  So this is a place to wrangle all my WFH activities & perhaps inspire you to challenge yourself & stretch into some new avenues.  

I intend for my musings here to hopefully be useful for you whether you’re a WFHM or would like to be! 

These leggings are SUPER awesome b/c they are fleece lined & water resistant!!  Can you say... Do you wanna build a snowman?! 
~ Tara