So Many Ways to Earn from Home

There are SO many ways to earn money from home!   There is the more traditional way, where you work for an employer as a remote employee.  Since the pandemic many more types of roles have moved to a remote, work from home location.  If you're seeking a remote position, set your location to 'remote' on LinkedIn or Indeed in order to filter for those remote positions.  There are also job boards dedicated to remote work such as,, and another great Mom Blog: The Work at home Woman.  If you're currently employed for an org and feel that you would be productive moving your role to a remote, work from home location, I recommend having a conversation with HR.  Perhaps negotiate for a hybrid role where you WFH 2 or 3 days and work from the office the other 2 or 3.  This gives an employer an opportunity to evaluate  your productivity and gain trust in your ability to successfully work remotely.  

Then there is the 'Earn Money Online' method.  This method offers a whole host of opportunities to generate an income ranging from side hustles that provide extra spending money to multi-million dollar E-Commerce enterprises & every level in between.  Content Creators & Entertainers dominate this space.  Here, the bar to entry is relatively high, unless you bring an offline crowd of friends & followers with you.  Content Creators are typically experts in their field or are entertainers and offer free content to their followers in exchange for likes & subscribers.  Typically you'll find this group building their brand on YouTube in order to leverage monetization provided by Adsense.  They may promote their channel via other social networks such as Instagram & TikTok, but YouTube is where their 'home base' is.  In addition to making money passively through Adsense, they can also earn with sponsorships (ad placements) & custom merchandise (like Mr.Beast's $50 hoodie that cost him only around $13 to make).   Blogs, Podcasts, Digital Courses & Communities are also in this segment.  This group of creators relies heavily on the next group; the Affiliate Marketers.

Affiliate Marketing is great for the beginner because it has a low barrier to entry.  You simply promote offers from other creators and get paid a commission!  There are a whole host of platforms that broker offers between affiliates (those who promote & sell the offer) and creators (those who develop digital & physical products): Digistore24, ClickBank, JVzoo, Warrior+ and more.  It's free to register as an affiliate on these marketplaces.  Then, all you do is promote an offer including your affiliate link and with each & every purchase - you get paid!  Ok, that sounds like an oversimplification, which it is.  Figuring out where & how to drive the traffic to the offer is the tricky part.  There are both free & paid methods to drive traffic.  Figure that out & you stand to gain a tremendous amount of 'passive' income. 

Next is the Online store method.  Etsy is for the crafty Mommas, RedBubble is for the artsy Mommas, Shopify is for any Momma.  These platforms provide a ready made platform to plug & play your designs or creations.  Whatever you can imagine you can sell via an online shop.  What is your niche?  Niche, meaning, specialized segment.  For me I'm a WFHM who leverages both corporate & online methods to earn money online.  I also love wine & yoga!  That's like a quadruple niche, but it's what finally resonated with me.  I tried many, many, many times to niche down only to feel boxed in, like only part of me was allowed to breathe.  So my advice, when choosing a niche, is to be true to yourself.  

Finally, there's the Amazon ecosystem.  There are a few different ways to earn via Amazon; Amazon FBA (fullfillment by Amazon), Kindle e-books, & as an Amazon Affiliate.  Having tried each of these methods, I can say for certain that Amazon FBA is not for the faint of heart.  Unless you're integrating a Print - on - Demand store like with Printful or Printify, you are literally manufacturing products (typically from Alibaba) to sell via Amazon.  It takes upfront capital and requires an entire business system including Customer Service. 

Kindle e-books are an excellent source of income for the writer.  From childrens' books to romance to non-fiction, there is a built in demand and clientele, despite the low royalty rates (you may earn pennies up to about $2 per book sold), you can earn some tremendous passive income. 

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is one of the easiest and most fun methods to earn money from home.  Signing up to become an affiliate is free.  Typically you purchase an item and then promote the 'unboxing' of the item & the 'testing' or 'trying it out' for your audience.  Then you reference your affiliate link for that item & anything that is purchased via that link will result in an affiliate commission.  Making a list of the top products in a segment is very popular.  'How To' tutorials on crafts, decor & design are also super popular, especially on TikTok.  Linking the products used in your bio drives traffic to your affiliate store where Amazon takes care of the rest!                    


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