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Ancient Secrets Reveal ‘Hidden Superpower’ In YOU That Lets You CONTROL Your Dreams And Unlock Your Mind

She said I was SHAKING uncontrollably in the bed…

The sweat poured off me as I laid there.

Completely unable to move.

In my head I was SCREAMING at the top of my lungs!

It felt like an eternity, trapped inside a terrifying nightmare.

Except it wasn’t a nightmare, because I was half awake.

I was trapped in that strange ‘in between’ state called ‘sleep paralysis’.

Sleep paralysis is where your mind paralyzes your muscles while you sleep, so you can’t act out your dreams physically.

It’s a normal part of sleep, but it can be one of the most terrifying experiences you can have.

The feeling of being completely helpless and vulnerable.

UNABLE to move, speak or escape.

In your head, you’re screaming or at least, TRYING to scream.

But nothing is coming out.

Nobody can hear you or help you.

Escaping Nightmares, Bad Dreams And Sleep Paralysis

What if I told you there was a simple but strange way to NEVER experience sleep paralysis, bad dreams, or even nightmares ever again? 

Even better: 

When you use this ancient secret, you can actually create beautiful ‘lucid dreams’ that you can control.

You might have already heard of the term ‘lucid dreaming’, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard what I’m about to tell you.

Even if you don’t really experience sleep paralysis, bad dreams and nightmares much, trust me, you’re going to want to stick around.

If you watch this video until the end, I’m going to show you:

1: How to make sure you never experience sleep paralysis, bad dreams, nightmares of false awakenings ever again

2: How to have amazing ‘lucid dreams’ that you can control, and how to use them to completely transform your sleep, dreams, mind and life

3: Ancient ‘dream hacking’ and sleep enhancement techniques that have been used for thousands of years across several civilizations that will teleport you into what feels like another dimension

The best part?

These dream hacking secrets work for everyone.

No matter how bad your dreams are.

Even if you don’t actually remember your dreams!

It took me years to figure this out.

I’ve been a lucid dream teacher and researcher for over 8 years, and I’ve posted over 600 videos and articles on the subject.

I’ve also managed to eliminate sleep paralysis, nightmares, bad dreams and insomnia from my life completely.

I had to go through dozens and dozens of horrifying nightmares, sleep paralysis and bad dreams.

I’ve even experienced many ‘lucid nightmares’ which I’ll explain soon.

You’ve probably had nightmares before:

The horrible feeling of experiencing your worst fears, directly.

Being chased for what feels like HOURS.

Falling but never hitting the ground.

Feeling all of your teeth wobble and slowly fall out, one by one as you look at yourself in the mirror, horrified.

Trying to scream but nothing is coming out.

Being trapped in a cave surrounded by huge hairy spiders?

Maybe you’ve been told that nightmares are normal?

Or that you can’t really do anything about them?

Don’t worry, in a second I’ll share the way out with you.

My Name’s Stef

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Stef.

I’m a lucid dreaming expert and teacher, and I’ve been teaching dream control and sleep optimisation for almost a decade now.

I used to have TERRIFYING nightmares. 

In one nightmare I was vividly aware of the fact that the entire floor was needles, and I was barefoot.

As soon as I realised that, 3 huge black dogs started sprinting towards me at full speed, forth coming out of their mouths. I HAD to run.

It was hell.

I would regularly wake up at 3AM sweating, shaking and terrified.

One of the worst parts was that no matter how shocking and scary the nightmare was, there was always the chance it would happen again the next night.

And it often did.

Many times I would have the same nightmare many nights in a row.

I was unfortunate enough to experience nightmares, sleep paralysis, lucid nightmares and insomnia for a long time.

It takes a heavy toll on your mindset and energy.You go through the day feeling drained, tired, confused and lost.

My life now is the complete opposite of that now, and I’ll share more about that in a second.

So, I had bad sleep, and I always woke up tired.

I remember spending hours and hours frantically researching and reading about sleep to try and improve it.

I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years learning how to improve my sleep and dreams.

I have tried sleep coaches, relaxing supplements, binaural beats, guided meditations, counting sheep and everything in between.

NOTHING was working.

And then it all changed.

The Ancient Dream Control Secret

I stumbled across an article online about ‘lucid dreaming’.

Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness where you’re aware that you’re dreaming, while you’re still asleep.

This means you can control the dream!

FINALLY I thought, I’ve found the answer.

Before first, I need to tell you a quick story:

Turns out I’d actually had an accidental lucid dream years before as a child.

At the time I didn’t think much more of it, but there was the key, given to me as a child!

I was behaving badly and throwing toys all around the house, so I got confined to my bedroom.

I wasn’t allowed to look at any screens so no TV, no playstation.

I had to pass the time somehow!

I didn’t like reading at the time, so I tried to sleep.

But of course, I had too much energy to REALLY sleep.

So I just sort of napped, half awake, half asleep.

Moments later, I was IMMEDIATELY teleported into a bright and vivid street, bustling with life.

I looked around, and then down at my hands.

‘I’M DREAMING!’ I shouted.

A few dream characters looked at me like I was crazy.

The buildings around me started shaking and trembling.

And then I was SNAPPED back into my bed.

What the HELL just happened to me?!

But at the time I was having bad dreams, weird nightmares, paralysis and so on, so I just brushed it off as yet another weird dream.

Over the next few years, I had a couple more dreams like this.

I had one experience a couple of years later where I was in the middle of a nightmare, being chased by a giant centipede, when I stopped and looked down at the ground.

Time seemed to come to a standstill.

I’m looking down at the intricate and vivid detail of a tiny plant growing in the dirt.

I can see every tiny vein and drop of water rolling off the leaves.

A lightbulb turns on in my head and I feel a tingling sensation at the front of my brain.

I’m dreaming again!

This isn’t real!

I feel a wave of relaxation and relief come over me.

‘Well, if it isn’t real I can just let the centipede catch me and then I’ll surely wake up!’ I think.

I stop running and look back.

The centipede has VANISHED.

That’s weird…

I turn to see a car next to me and for no reason at all, I point at it.

The car lifts up into the air like magic!

I move my hand to the right, and the car glides across the air, following my finger.

WOAH, this is awesome!

I can move objects with my mind now?!

I feel like I’ve just become a superhero and I can do anything. I let the car drop to the ground and look up at the sky.

I try to fly but it doesn’t work.

Then I jump higher and higher, until eventually I don’t land on the ground any more.

I am floating!


I feel waves of euphoria and excitement as I realise this is a dream and I can do ANYTHING I want!

A few moments later I crashed back to the ground and wake up.

I’ll explain later how you can make sure you stay in control of the dream easily, there’s a little trick you can use.


This was a one-off and I had no idea how or why it was happening.


I wanted to do this all the time!

I needed to learn how to lucid dream RELIABLY, so that I could control my nightmares and bad dreams.

I was SURE this was the key to fixing my sleep and dreams.

I felt like I’d just discovered a new dimension that nobody was supposed to know about.

‘This could even help me stop having sleep paralysis!’ I thought.

‘Lucid Dreaming’: Our Hidden Dream Control Superpower

I later learned that lucid dreaming is a hidden superpower that we all have access to.

Sure, you can stop having nightmares, bad dreams and sleep paralysis.

But that’s just the start:

There are truly incredible things you can do with lucid dreaming:

  • You can practice real life skills in a lucid dream, and ACTUALLY improve at them in real life. This gives you THOUSANDS of extra hours in your lifetime that you’re not usually able to use.
  • You can reconnect with lost loved ones and recreate memories or specific dream scenes! You get to re-experience anything you want again and again
  • You can talk to your subconscious mind, the hidden part of your brain that holds all of your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, and tell it to change – Imagine just telling your brain to stop being scared or quiet.. Or telling your fear of spiders to just go away!
  • You can unlock deep insights and messages from your dream meanings and ask the dream DIRECTLY what it means! Have you ever wondered what your weird dreams actually mean, or why you have them? You can directly ask them and they’ll tell you
  • You can simulate and experience literally anything you can imagine, and it will all feel incredibly vivid and real, sometimes MORE real than actual life
  • You actually bring the feeling and results back to your real life. Your brain, beliefs, mindset and how you FEEL changes

Actually, I just want to quickly share more about that last one:

My life wasn’t always good:

I used to have crippling anxiety, shyness, insecurities, fears, and a very limiting mindset.

Through lucid dreaming, I’ve transformed all of that.

When you’re able to simulate anything you want in a dream and control it, you can do some pretty amazing things.

For example, you can remove those fears and thought patterns holding you back!

I changed my life to where I now have an iron-clad unstoppable mindset, and I believe I can do and create ANYTHING.

My fears and social anxiety are completely gone, and I feel in complete control of my dreams.

But not just my dreams:

I feel in control of my real life.

Through lucid dreaming I’ve been able to change my beliefs, mindset and entire frequency as a person.

This has allowed me to do incredible things in my waking life.

I gained the confidence and willpower to build my own businesses.

I’ve manifested and created financial abundance for myself that I never thought was possible.

I’ve become quite honestly, a totally different person.

So I just wanted to make that clear, that this is not just something you do in your dreams and that’s it.

It has a HUGE positive impact on your real life as well.

It’s the ULTIMATE personal development tool.

I’m about to share how you can effortlessly and reliably lucid dream whenever you want to by the way.

Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this…

The Secret To Lucid Dreaming And Dream Hacking

So how can you lucid dream whenever you want? 

How can you stop having sleep paralysis, nightmares, insomnia etc?

Can I tell you a secret?

If you’re having bad dreams, nightmares and sleep paralysis, you’re actually closer to lucid dreaming than people who aren’t!

I’m serious.

You’re actually only one or two steps away from complete dream control.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you have nightmares.

This means your dreams are pretty vivid, scary, and emotional.

The way lucid dreaming works is that you need to somehow REMEMBER that you’re dreaming, while you’re still asleep.

It’s called your ‘prospective memory’, and it means your ability to remember something in the future when a certain trigger or event happens.

You might use your prospective memory for something like this:

You need to remind your friend about a party on the weekend, so you tell yourself ‘next time I see him, I’ll remind him about the party’.

Then when you see him, you remember to tell him about the party (if your prospective memory is good!)

Well, one of the most powerful memory techniques is to use emotions.

There’s a hidden way you can use emotions and nightmares to MAKE you become lucid, every time.

You know the crazy part?

They knew about this thousands of years ago.

And it’s the same for sleep paralysis!

If you’re experiencing it, you’re already half asleep! Because your body has paralyzed your muscles.

Sleep paralysis actually happens when the brain and body are slightly out of sync.

When this happens, your ‘limbic system’ is activated.

This is the center of an EMOTIONAL reaction that causes fear and panic.

It’s no surprise that when you’re stuck in sleep paralysis you feel scared, you panic and you start to emotionally hallucinate things like the old hag or sleep paralysis demon.

The visions of something or someone leaning over you.

In fact these scary visions are so strong that people used to believe that you were demonically possessed, and they would try and ‘fix’ you with bloodletting and shaving your head!

Luckily we don’t do that now, but you know the good news?

Sleep paralysis is just one small step away from lucid dreaming.

In fact in a common lucid dreaming technique, you USE sleep paralysis to become lucid.

It’s all about how you position it and what you focus on.

Chances are you’re trying to breathe, scream, move etc, right?


There are some very specific things you must focus on and think about when you experience sleep paralysis or a nightmare.

It could be the difference between a terrifying experience and a blissful lucid dream.

We’ll get onto some simple things you should do in a moment.

But this is nothing new!

They Knew This Thousands Of Years Ago!

One of the classic mentions of lucid dreaming dates back to before 1000 BC, from the Upanishads, an ancient Hindu text.

Another Hindu text describes techniques for directing your consciousness within the dream to unlock visionary states.

It goes back even further:

In about 350 BC in ancient Greek, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all mentioned lucid dreaming.

Aristotle wrote, “when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which tells us that what presents itself is but a dream.”

The Ancient Egyptians used lucid dreaming too.

It’s been used throughout the centuries as a powerful tool to direct your consciousness, avoid nightmares, and create your own reality.

Not just while you sleep and dream, but in your waking life too.

So the problem is that you’re stuck on the edge between scary experiences like sleep paralysis or nightmares, and beautiful lucid dreams.

All you need to do is push yourself in the right direction.

You need to sort of nudge your consciousness and remember that it’s not real, WHILE IT’S HAPPENING.

This can be very simple when you know how.

In fact:

When you know the tricks, you can pretty much do it every time.

If I were to have a nightmare these days, I instantly change it into a lucid dream as soon as I experience something scary in the dream.

I’ve trained my brain to do it like clockwork.

So how do you actually lucid dream?

Here are some common problems people have, maybe you can relate?

  • It’s difficult to remember your dreams which is a key part: Being able to write down and remember your dreams every morning
  • You might not be getting good or regular sleep. Maybe you’re staying up late, falling in and out of sleep like a zombie for example (we’ll get to an easy solution for that)
  • You might be scared of lucid dreaming just because you have a bad experience with dreams and sleeping in general
  • You can often dream ABOUT lucid dreaming but not actually be in control of it! This is known as ‘fake lucid dreams’
  • Your dreams might be blurry and difficult to remember (there’s an easy fix for that by the way)

You know the interesting thing?

These problems all come from the same root cause.

The root is of course, your mind.

But that’s good, because it means you can easily change it.

You need to work WITH your mind, not against it.

You need to leverage proven techniques to lucid dream.

And this is where many people go horribly wrong.

They’ll get excited about it and TRY and lucid dream following online videos or articles, but nothing happens.

Or if it does happen, it’s only once or twice and then back to nothing.

The best way to reliably and safely lucid dream whenever you want is to essentially copy the proven methods they used thousands of years ago.

Even better:

To merge them with modern day psychological habit formation techniques.

You need a motivational tool or method to stay on track as well.

So over the years I’ve taught and researched lucid dreaming a lot.

I discovered that many articles online are too simple. 

Or they don’t really give the RIGHT information.

And it’s the same with many videos, they just teach you ABOUT lucid dreaming instead of showing you directly HOW to actually do it.

It’s not enough to just learn a lucid dreaming technique.

Or try a supplement.

Or even a device.

I’ve actually seen many crazy lucid dreaming devices, including one that attaches to your private parts, and senses the pressure in order to remind you that you’re dreaming.

Truly weird stuff.

Another common issue people I’ve taught have had is that their reality checks just never seem to show up in their dreams.

So what is the answer?

Lucid Dream On Autopilot, Within 30 Days

What I did over the course of many years, is I took notes on the things that worked the BEST for my students and readers/viewers.

The things that gave them beautiful lucid dreams reliably.

And I combined them into the most effective and proven things they could do.

What’s interesting is that many of them aren’t even talked about online, by the popular youtube videos and blog articles.

They’re sort of hidden and almost secret!

So I put these secrets and exercises together into one system, and called it the ‘Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp’.

This is a printable template that acts as your calendar and motivational tool.

All you need to do to reliably control your dreams and lucid dream, is follow the strange exercises for 3-8 minutes per day.

Do that, and you’ll be having regular lucid dreams within 30 days.

That’s all.

When I launched it, it was so effective that I was overwhelmed with people messaging me saying how fast it worked for them.

You can see a bunch of reviews and testimonials on this page if you scroll around.

The reason it works so well is because:

  • It’s a motivational powerhouse:By printing the template out and using it like a calendar, you take all the guesswork out and just ‘cross off’ each days exercises once you’re done. And it only takes 3 minutes a day.
  • It’s based on proven techniques and concepts: I’ve taken the strange but most effective exercises and techniques and put them into a concise system that you can follow every day
  • It leverages habit formation concepts: It’s been designed in such a way that it rewards you early in the program in the first week, and many students have their first lucid dream in the first 3 days. This makes you more likely to stick with it
  • It’s immersive: It includes immersive tools like a graphics pack to change your phone background to a lucidity reminder, my own lucid dreaming morning routine, and 100 things you can try in your lucid dreams

There’s a whole load more free bonuses and extras included as well.

It’s everything you need to get started.

So here’s my guarantee for you:

Follow these strange exercises for 30 days.

You WILL have beautiful lucid dreams, and take back control of your bad dreams and nightmares.

You’ll be given the tools to escape sleep paralysis on command.

Then once you’re having lucid dreams, you’ll be able to transform your mindset, energy, sleep and your life.

What You Get In The Lucid BOOTCAMP Challenge!

A PROVEN LUCID DREAMING SYSTEM: Let Me Guide You Through Learning To Control Your Dreams With A Daily Video For 30 Days. Lifetime Access To The Bootcamp Challenge Members Area

VALUE $497


High quality, printable template that you can follow every day. This is the main motivational tool that will LAUNCH you into having regular lucid dreams. ​Follow this template every day for 5-8 minutes. The exercises might seem strange but they work very fast. It’s all based on proven psychological principles and concepts.


Companion ebook explaining exactly what you should do, and going into more detail on the system, daily exercises and more. 


A world class lucid dreaming coach ‘in your pocket’. Get direct one to one tuition from our ‘video a day’ video program, as if I was there personally coaching you to lucid dream

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

FREE BONUS: ‘Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers – Shift Your Subconscious Blocks And Remove Limiting Beliefs!


Affirmations have been shown to be highly effective in changing and imprint your belief system and removing limiting beliefs.

By repeating this small collection of powerful conscious affirmations, you’ll be reprogramming your subconscious mind to adopt beliefs that ONLY support and assist you in becoming lucid more often.

FREE BONUS: Lucid Adventure Blueprint (Design Your Own Custom Dream Scenes And Adventures, AMAZING For Manifestation)


The Lucid Adventure Blueprint is a super effective program designed to help you manifest specific dream scenes and develop an advanced CONTROL over the lucid dream scene. This is the ultimate guide to CREATING the exact dream scene and adventure you want to have! ​

This will let you become the creator and builder of your dream scenes, like in Inception. Design dream levels, and then experience the exact dream you want to have, effortlessly!

Lucid Graphics Pack, Wallpapers, Reality Test Reminders (Brainwash yourself to lucid dream more)


‘Hack’ your subconscious and ‘brainwash yourself’ to lucid dream. A beautiful lucid ‘graphics pack’ with phone lockscreens, reality check reminders, desktop and laptop wallpapers and lucid dreaming quotes. ​This will really help keep you motivated and remind you to do reality checks! These are the graphics I made for myself and I still use them. I thought you might be able to use them as well!

Lucid Dreamers ‘Conscious Start’ Morning Routine (Copy my EXACT lucid routine)


COPY my EXACT morning routine to have regular lucid dreams, on autopilot. A beautiful, printable 9 step morning routine for lucid dreamers. Do these things, and you’ll fast track your success! This will help keep you on track and motivated while you learn. You don’t NEED to follow this if you are short on time, but it’s just a nice way to keep you on track!

Meditation For Lucid Dreams Playbook PDF – This MASSIVELY Helps Raise Your Frequency And Improve Your Focus


A detailed ebook showing you how to meditate specifically for lucid dreams. Meditation is practiced by millions of people all around the world including famous personal growth gurus like Tony Robbins.

It’s been shown to reduce stress, reverse ageing and help you build your self awareness. ​Several powerful meditation methods and techniques that will directly help you lucid dream (including things that will save you HOURS of practice) ​

Exactly what meditation is supposed to feel like explained, and why most people get this wrong. Also, how to ACTUALLY meditate with no nonsense ‘weird, spiritual’ stuff

FREE BONUS: Lucid Supplements Blueprint


This book goes into great detail, showing you exactly how to use over 14 common (and uncommon) lucid dreaming supplements to boost your lucid dreams. It explains how to make your dreams longer, more intense, more realistic, better feeling, and more refreshing (you wake up feeling more energetic) ​

You’ll also get an in depth look at how to use specific techniques alongside lucid dream supplements, if you want to take it even further. This is not for beginners but I’ve included it because I know you’ll want to go FURTHER once you have more lucid dreams this month!

FREE BONUS: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams


This ebook gives you a detailed description of over 100 exciting things to try and do in your lucid dreams. Think of this like your personal ‘lucid bucket list’ that you can follow, so you’ll always know what to try and DO in your lucid dreams.

Many of these things are not spoken about online, and you’ve not tried before. Alongside each idea is a detailed explanation of how it will feel, and why it’s awesome. Some of them unlock enhanced learning, others expand your creativity. They’ll all leave you wanting more!

Control Your Dreams FAST:Secure Your One Time Discount On Our PROVEN Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Challenge Now! Get It For $800+ Just 37 Dollars!


EASY TO FOLLOW: The Bootcamp Challenge is a step by step printable template showing you EXACTLY what to practice to control your dreams and lucid dream within 20 days or less (and you only need 3-8 minutes per day)


PROVEN TO WORK: Learn why most beginners fail, and follow our step by step plan. Unique, specific exercises to follow every day for at least 30 days. It’s very effective, and has been proven to work! (It’s now helped thousands of dreamers worldwide)


Over 6 FREE BONUSES: As a reward to action takers, if you grab this right NOW, you’ll get free access to all of the amazing bonuses I mentioned above. The PDFs, templates, extra ebooks, and helpful resources.

$197 $37


Our ‘TRIPLE Moneyback’ Dream Control Guarantee

You might be wondering: How do I KNOW this will work, and what happens if it doesn’t? I’ve got you covered:

This is backed by our ‘triple moneyback’ guarantee meaning…

1: If you don’t get the amazing dreams or results you wanted, you can get all of your money back up to 30 days from today. You can even keep the entire course and all the free bonuses.

2: If you find the exercises annoying, too difficult, or you don’t know EXACTLY what to do to have lucid dreams on autopilot, you can get all of your money back and keep the course. 

3: If you’re having a bad day, you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can get your money back and keep the course. I want this to be an absolute no-brainer for you. 

I believe you’ll love this course SO much that you won’t ever need to use this. See for yourself. 

REAL Dreamers, REAL Results…

The Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp challenge has given thousands of people in dozens of countries EFFORTLESS lucid dreams. 

The average Bootcamp Challenge student has their first lucid dream within 1-3 weeks or less*. 


Got Questions About The Bootcamp?

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