Did the Ghosts of Christmas steal your Work From Home momentum? (How to get back on track!)

I knew it had been a minute since my last Blog post, but I didn’t realize I had let the entire month of December slip by without a single written word!  If you’re like me, and the festivities, shopping, and hosting of family gatherings took on a life of themselves like ‘Ol Marley did, then now is the moment to get back on track for 2023 and prevent a ghastly repeat next season!

How do you get back on track right now?

It’s fairly simple to get back on track with your blogging, marketing, gigs, side hustles, or whatever you do to work from home... one word... CALENDAR

If you’re a WFH corporate employee then this should be a snap.  You already have a calendar deployed by your org.  However, I recommend some minor additions to your weekly entries.  

  1. Block off ‘focus’ time on a repeating schedule at times when you either tend to feel anxious, or overwhelmed.  
  • During these 15-20 min blocks, turn off your sound, avoid your IM, email & phone.  Focus on whatever deliverables you feel need your undivided attention.  It may be that you need to get caught up on emails, you may have a task that’s due/overdue, or perhaps there is an industry article you’ve been putting off reading.  
  • Whatever the action, allow yourself the freedom to focus entirely on it.
  1. Block off another daily 30-60 minutes section for lunch.  
  • Set this to repeat daily, however, feel free to change the time block to accommodate regular team meetings.
  1. Block off another daily 15-30 minutes section for exercise.
    • This section can still be highly productive.  I recommend listening to an industry podcast while taking your dog for a walk.  
    • Again, whatever your activity is, set the block on your calendar so you aren’t tempted to skip it!

If you’re a WFH freelancer the CALENDAR is doubly important for you because you typically answer only to yourself.  Motivation & self-sabotage can creep in & there’s noone there to hold you accountable.   Canva Pro has a fabulous Content Calendar which offers integration with your Social Media accounts for streamlining the process to save you tons of time & hassle.  Another free tool is HubSpot’s Social Media Calendar which can be downloaded in a helpful Blog Post here

  1. Schedule your content a month at a time.  
  • Ideally this will be done the month prior.  Meaning, content for New Year’s Eve will have been ideated, created & scheduled in December.  
  • Always work a month in advance, but leave room for flexibility as new trends or viral events may sway your planned content.
  1. Batch your content 
  • This is particularly fun when you’re feeling that burst of creative energy.  I recommend wearing a plain shirt & then swapping out vests, jackets, sweaters, or other accessories in order to look fresh & different in consecutively recorded videos.

3. If you get behind or off track, don’t quit the calendar!  Just give yourself some grace & start back with 1 week at a time.  Once you’re back on track you’ll feel that momentum flowing and it will be easier to create and plan ahead. 

With a Content Calendar, whether it's a fancy color coded spreadsheet, an integrated tool or simply a well detailed Google calendar, you will set yourself up for success every month of the year, even when those ghosts start creeping in October!

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