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What is ~ FLOW?

as a wfhm i found flow in yoga

Before the pandemic, as a WFHM I began dabbling in yoga.  Since the pandemic, yoga has officially become my go-to for exercise both physical, mental & spiritual.  The wonderul thing about yoga is that it can literally be done anywhere.  I have a small 10x10 space between my couch & my husbands ridiculous 85 in TV and that is where I throw my mat. 

I log into YouTube and turn on YOGA WITH ADRIENE.  She is my absolute favorite Yogi!  She's so knowledgeable about the practice, but also she's a bit goofy.  Sometimes her spontaneous retro lyric singing cracks my meditative state with a giggle.  She has both beginner & advanced videos; and her 30 day challenges are super motivating!  

Not only can yoga be done anywhere, but at any time.  As a WFHM I have found that the ideal time is right after my 4th grader gets on the bus.  If I stop for one second to check an email, check an affiliate platform's performance or any other work related task, I get sucked in and rarely make it over to the mat that day! 


That's one of the major mistakes WFHM's make; not taking time for their exercise first thing.  But if "lunch time"  works for you, great!  Or any time that you can be consistent.  Just don't get in the habit of prioritizing work over your yoga, or run, or workout routine.